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    Presentation about water recycling will be offer the next December 21, 2016 from 11:30 am in our facilities
    Located in Alajuela, behind Juan Santa Maria Airport, Costa Rica

    We will be showcasing state-of-the-art products and information on thermal issues and water recycling problems.
    The event will be presented in an executive form, analyzing the updating and the vanguard of the products with
    Which are counted worldwide. The dynamics of the event will allow participants to expose
    Doubts or comments on specific situations of the above and according to their needs.

    Addressed to:
    Engineers, Project Managers, Architects, Personnel in charge of department of Budgets,
    General Managers and Owners.

    Ing. Emmanuel Brien – Technical Director – Veos Group inc.
    Ing. Stefan Frey – Technical Manager Sonnsolar
    Ing. Luis Trejos Bonilla – General Manager – Sonnsolar

  • International Green Building Congress 2015 in Costa Rica

    International Green Building Congress 2015 in Costa Rica  – an unmissable event!
    Did you know that the biggest architectural firms and builders in Latin America’s green building (LEED) industry met in San Jose, Costa Rica on 13 May 2015?
    During the trade fair, the various projects completed in Costa Rica were presented to more than 300 stakeholders in the green building industry and members of the Green Building Council of America. The event also provided a forum for important talks with renowned national and international experts. The organisations present during the event included none other than the World Bank-IFC, UNEP-ROLAC, CRUSA, ALCALA, MIVAH and MINAE (the ministries of housing and environment), the embassies of Canada and Japan, the Chamber of Consultants, the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, local government and universities. Students and developers also attended the congress.

    The opening of the Green Building congress also marked the start of the Green Expo at which Veos Water was one of the exhibitors. The programme touched upon key issues such as LEED v4, affordable housing, andurban ecological and environmental planning.

    We were pleased topresent the entire range of Veoswater-harvestingsolutions to those architectural firms and builders operating within the green building industry.Our aim was to meet […]

  • Affordable rainwater harvesting system

    Affordable rainwater harvesting system (Commercial sector)
    Currently being installed in Central America, the new commercial version of the Veos Water system will allow for drinking water savings of more than 60% annually by harvesting and filtering rainwater. This represents an average saving of 50,000 litres of drinking water per year, including during periods of drought. This reliable and easy to use solution will further reduce the impact of drinking water consumption on the water table.

    LEED projects 
    Green buildings 

    Installation: The rainwater is first stored in a tank, which is itself stored before use. The VeosWater  rainwater harvesting system can be adapted to suit any type of tank. The water that has been collected is filtered and disinfected before being reused. The water, once treated, is completely odourless and can be used for irrigation, flushing toilets or for washing machines.

    We’ve got the solution for your budget.


  • 450 000 litres d’eau usée

    450 000 litres d’eau usée qui ne contamineront pas les cours d’eau !
    Une fois installée, la fosse septique intelligente VeosWater permet d’évacuer une eau sans odeur et sans impact négatif pour l’environnement. Ce type de projet, en cours d’installation au Costa Rica, sera connecté à notre service d’Online monitoring. Ainsi connecté à internet, les systèmesVBW (Veos Black Water) seront gérés et surveillés à distance, pour une tranquillité d’esprit assurée.

    Projets LEED
    Bâtiments VERTS

    Le système peut être installé avec des cuves en plastique ou en béton, selon les conditions du sol. Notre gamme de produits répond à la diversité des bâtiments, qu’ils soient résidentiels ou commerciaux.Il est également possible de récupérer l’eau traitée pour faire de l’irrigation.



  • Ne tombez pas dans la fosse septique !

    En Amérique Centrale, Veos Water a tout récemment installé un nouveau système de traitement des eaux usées, idéal pour les nouvelles maisons et les condominiums.  Cette installation permet de traiter quotidiennement 2.5 m3 (2500 litres) d’eau usée qui sont envoyés entièrement décontaminés la nature.
    Permettant de traiter les eaux usées des bâtiments de 1 à 500 personnes, la technologie Veos dispose aussi d’un service gratuit de maintenance et diagnostique à distance, connecté en permanence aux systèmes installés. En fournissant un suivi individuel du système, tels que les bilans énergétiques, les économies d’eau, les éventuels problèmes, les prochaines maintenances à prévoir…Veos Water offre à chacun de ses clients la tranquillité d’esprit maximum.

    Envie de voir cette installation de vos propres yeux ? Contactez nous !
    Que vous soyez un particulier ou un promoteur de parcs immobilier, découvrez tous les avantages de nos systèmes sur :

  • Simplified rainwater system

    This rainwater pumping station will reuse water stored into a tank (6000 liters) for irrigation purposes.
    That will save more than 52,000 liters of drinking water per year.
    Parameters of the project : 
    Semi-commercial building
    Roof: 600 m2 (6500 ft2)
    Surface irrigation: 700 m2 (7500 ft2)
    230 Volt 3 ​​Phase