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November 4, 2014
  • Affordable rainwater harvesting system

    Affordable rainwater harvesting system (Commercial sector)
    Currently being installed in Central America, the new commercial version of the Veos Water system will allow for drinking water savings of more than 60% annually by harvesting and filtering rainwater. This represents an average saving of 50,000 litres of drinking water per year, including during periods of drought. This reliable and easy to use solution will further reduce the impact of drinking water consumption on the water table.

    LEED projects 
    Green buildings 

    Installation: The rainwater is first stored in a tank, which is itself stored before use. The VeosWater  rainwater harvesting system can be adapted to suit any type of tank. The water that has been collected is filtered and disinfected before being reused. The water, once treated, is completely odourless and can be used for irrigation, flushing toilets or for washing machines.

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