Office Asebanacio

Project description

In partnership with Lucas Ingenieros, Veos Water installed a rainwater harvesting system to recycle water
from the roof of a building. Measuring 10,500 m2, the building houses two offices that have been positioned
to optimise the use of natural light whilst limiting excessive glare and sunlight. Since the Veos rainwater
technology now provides a significant amount of the water required to supply toilets in the building, this
has led to a 65% saving in potable water consumption. Rainwater drains from the roof into a 5 m3 tank and
is then piped to the building’s toilet facilities.
Veos System Management, an online monitoring system, allows users to access real-time information
about system performance, which includes data about energy consumption and the volume of water collected
and treated. This information is also made available to the Veos team. Our equipment is extremely
efficient and reliable, so our clients have peace of mind.






Install a complete system in a small
space (10m2), 9-storey building



Install a 5 m3 tank directly connected
to one of the roof drains



Save 7 m3 per day of drinking water, or
1,000 m3 annually



30 V 3 phases
Pumps : 10 hp (7.5 kW)
20 m3/h @ 7 bar
Disinfection unit : 25 W
Liquide : NaOCI 6 %
Life time : 10 years