Olas Verdes

Project description

Completed in collaboration with Swissol Énergies Renouvelables, the Veos system (VRW) will supply several
buildings with recycled rainwater, including Olas Verdes – an LEED ecotourism site. This will reduce
the amount of drinking water required by the site by 40 to 50%, even during periods of drought.
Once the water has been collected from two roofs, it undergoes a pre-filtration process before being
stored. Connected in parallel and linked by an automatic transfer system, two tanks with a total capacity
of 20m3 (5,400 US gal) are connected to the Veos treatment station. This ensures that the quality of the
rainwater in the tanks is constantly maintained. The VRW rainwater technology will supply more than 20
toilets and 200m2 of green space.




Connecting several buildings to the one
common rainwater system.



Two tanks - each 10m3 (2,400 US gal)
connected in parallel and linked by an
automatic water transfer station.



Save 3m3 per day, 1000m3 per year.



230 Volt one phase
Main pump : 3hp (2.3KW)
Pressure - 72psi (5bar)
flow - 70 gpm (250l/min)
Disinfection unit : 250 Watts
Liquid - NaOCl 6%
Transfer pump: 1hp (0.8KW)
Estimated operational life - more than
10 years