Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Project Description

In partnership with Swissol – Renewable Energy, Veos Water has provided the rainwater technology to be
used with a storage tank of 10 cubic meters (2 700 USgal) . Various elements, such as the rainwater tank
and the pumping station used to supply the toilets, were supplied by the Universidad Técnica Nacional.
The Veos Water technology was used to filter the incoming rainwater prior to storage in the tank and to
disinfect the rainwater before usage. The VRW system from Veos Water measures the water level in the
storage tank to maintain the proper level of disinfection and to ensure that the toilets will not run out
of water. Potable water is only used if the level of water in the rainwater tank is very low.


Find a solution to supply disinfected rainwater to 20 toilets for 300 to 600 students.


10 m3 underground tank, connected to the VRW pumping station and Veos rainwater filter.


Save 3 m3 per day, 1000 m3 per years


230 Volt single phase Main pump : 2hp (1.5KW) Pressure - 56psi (4bar) Flow Rate - 70 gpm (250l/min) Disinfection pump: 250 Watts Liquid - NaOCl 6% Expected life time - >10 years