ParkIn Hotel and Holiday In Hotel

Project description

In partnership with SES “Swiss Energy Solutions”, the VEOS greywater plug-in has the primary function the
provide high quality of recycling water to the building. This plug-in will be added to their current grey
water system to remove bad odour, presence of suspended matter in the toilet and a other ancillaries
problems. Moreover, this new technology will reduce 95% of the actual chlorine demand to disinfection
of the grey water. Both buildings combines will save more than 55m3 per day, representing 40% of total
potable water consumption.
The plug-in module combines two water treatment technologies, 0.03 micron meter filtration module
with a advanced oxidation process. Managed by the VEOS control unit offering reliability and autonomy.
Customers will have a direct line of communication with the system via their “management building systems”
and allow VEOS a direct access to the system from Montreal, Canada.


Intégration d’une solution des eaux grises dans un système existant.


Module d’extension des eaux grises utilisant l’ultra filtration et l’oxydation avancée.


Régler les problèmes d’odeur et de présence de matières en suspension dans les toilettes.


115 Volt 1 phases Pompes : 1hp (0.8KW) Unité de contrôle: Contrôle le démarrage, arrêt, rétro lavage du système. Connection au ‘‘building systems management’’ et gestion à distance par Veos Durée de vie prévue - plus de 8 ans